About the Jesuits

Beginning to be a Jesuit: Instructions for the Paris Novitiate circa 1685

Author: Early Jesuits

Editor and translator: Patricia M. Ranum

An English translation of a 17th–century set of instructions for men who aspired to join the Society of Jesus.

History of the Society of Jesus

Author: William V. Bangert, S.J.

A single–volume history of the Jesuits from the early life of Ignatius of Loyola and the founding of the Society of Jesus in 1540 through the 33rd General Congregation of 1983.

The Wily Jesuits and the Monita secreta: The Forged Secret Instructions of the Jesuits: Myth and Reality

Author: Sabina Pavone

A history of the Monita secreta, a forged document from the 17th century purporting to instruct leading Jesuits on how to attain wealth and political power.