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PDF E-Books

Books from the Institute of Jesuit Sources in electronic format available for download.

The Spiritual Doctrine

Author: Louis Lallemant

Translator: Patricia M. Ranum

A new English translation of Louis Lallemant’s lessons for Jesuits in formation.

The Exercise of Christian Life

Author: Gaspar Loarte

Translator and editor: Charles R. Keenan

One of the earliest examples of Jesuit devotional literature (1557). This edition is the first annotated modern translation published in English.

Jesuit Pedagogy, 1540–1616: A Reader

Editors: Cristiano Casalini and Claude Pavur, S.J.

A wide range of materials exploring the development of pedagogy in theory and practice.

Notes on the Jesuits in China

Author: Hieromonk Feodosii Smorzhevskii

Translator and editor: Gregory Afinogenov

Published in English for the first time, recollections of the encounter between Russian Orthodox and Catholic missionaries in Beijing during the 1740s.

The True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven

Author: Matteo Ricci

Editor and translator: Thierry Meynard, S.J.

Matteo Ricci recalls his attempts to introduce late-sixteenth-century Chinese literati to fundamental ideas of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Thierry Meynard explores Ricci’s conversations in their religious and cultural contexts.