The Jesuits and the Church in History

The Jesuits and the Church in History   (2022)


The Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies hosted its seventh annual International Symposium on Jesuit Studies in June 2022 at Boston College. The theme for the event was “Jesuits and the Church in History.”

The essays below are revisions of presentations, as invited by the Institute. Each essay was subjected to a single-blind peer review. All necessary information for reference for each essay appears on its downloadable pdf document. Essays will be published on a rolling basis.



— Claude Pavur, S.J., Barton Geger, S.J., and Robert Gerlich, S.J.


Part 1


Hagiographic discourse as a long-term historiographic model: Robert Bellarmine, Jesuit cardinal, the Society of Jesus, and the Catholic Church

— Franco Motta and Pierre-Antoine Fabre


The Expulsion and Return of the Jesuits to Venice, 1606–57: A Test of Loyalty between the Papacy and the Jesuits

— Paul F. Grendler


Popes and Jesuits vs. Nationalism (ca. 1846–1978)

— Thomas Worcester, S.J.


The Jesuit and the Church: Trajectories and Perspectives (Notes from a Roundtable) 


Two Perspectives

— John W. O’Malley, S.J.


The Early Jesuits’ Relations with Other Religious Orders

— Nelson H. Minnich


The Jesuits and the Church

— Stefania Tutino


Part 2


Jesuits and the Church in Light of the Society’s Roman Archives

— Robert Danieluk, S.J.


Founding a Jesuit College in the Kingdom of Naples (Sixteenth–Seventeenth Centuries): Local Strategies, Global Conflicts

— Niccolò Guasti


Edmund Arrowsmith, S.J., and the English Catholic Mission: Ministry, Martyrology, and Hagiography in His Life and Afterlife

— Robert E. Scully, S.J.


Martyrdom in the Library: The Books of the Early Modern Jesuit Novitiate in Mainz (Germany)

— Elisa Frei


Why Did Most Jesuits Survive the Martyrdom of 1597?: The Diplomatic Policy of the Toyotomi Administration and the Martyrdom of the “26 Martyrs of Japan”

— Takano Yurika


The Jesuits and the Law of the Church: Francisco Suárez (1548–1617) on Canon Law in his treatise De Legibus 4

— Stephan Hecht


“Contemplative Likewise in Action”: Jesuit identity and the Church (Sixteenth–Seventeenth Centuries)

— Irene Gaddo


The Jesuits and the Church in History: What Saint Francis Xavier and Giovanni Battista Sidoti brought to Japan

— Aiko Okamoto MacPhail


The Role of Intellect in Francesco Sambiasi’s Lingyan lishao

— Lu Jiang


Ambivalent Reception: Reflections on Jesuit Foundations by the Local Catholic Church in the Austrian Jesuit Province in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century

— Zsófia Kádár


Religious Orders and Roman Curia. Jesuits and Papal Nepotism in the 17th century: the Opinion of General Superior Gian Paolo Oliva (1676)

— Flavio Rurale


Juan Antonio de Oviedo (1670-1757) and the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy. Writing Culture and Creole Identity in the Eighteenth-century New Spain

— Hugo Zayas Gonzalez


Obedience in the Church and in the Society of Jesus

— Jörg Nies, S.J.


Intellectualism contra Conceptualism:  Remarks on the School of Eegenhoven and the Church in History

— Andrew Barrette


The Holy See and the Jesuit Institute: Nadal's Letter to St. Charles Borromeo

      — Joshua Hinchie, S.J.