The Constitutions of the Society of Jesus: A Critical Edition with the Complementary Norms - Paperback (Now In Pre-Order)

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Ignatius of Loyola
Barton T. Geger, S.J.
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Expected release date is March 31, 2024

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Product Overview

The Society of Jesus is one of the most storied and controversial religious organizations in history. Its legacy is traceable largely to a single idea that was elaborated by Ignatius of Loyola (1491–1556), the founder of the Society: the Greater Glory of God. Far from a rhetorical battle cry of vague meaning, the greater glory of God was the Society’s very reason for being. Ignatius made it the criterion by which members of the Society, called “Jesuits,” were to choose their ministries in the service of God. It determined all of the Society’s internal structures and way of proceeding. Perhaps most significantly, it permeated Ignatius’s spiritual doctrine as a whole: how he understood everything from prayer and discernment to magnanimity, indifference, evangelical poverty, and what it means to be spiritually free. Nowhere is all this more clear than in the original Constitutions of the Society of Jesus, a book that Ignatius composed for the instruction and edification of Jesuits. When studied in conjunction with his Spiritual Exercises and written correspondence, one finds a way of living the gospel that is remarkably coherent, challenging, and capable of speaking to Jesuits—and to all Christians—in every generation.

Editorial Reviews

"An historic contribution to Jesuit and Ignatian spirituality and studies.  In particular, Fr. Geger's introduction is superb: a model of clarity, wisdom and good sense.  The entire volume is a worthy successor to the George Ganss, SJ, edition of the Constitutions, building on that earlier work but also deepening and extending it to include more insights on the ways that the Constitutions have been used over the centuries.  This new edition should be in the library of every Jesuit, every Jesuit colleague and every Jesuit friend around the world."

     - James Martin, S.J., author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything


(No reviews yet) Write a Review