Faith Beyond Justice: Widening the Perspective - Revised Edition

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Martin R. Tripole, S.J.
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IJS Studies - Research on Jesuits and the Society of Jesus
Claude Pavur, S.J.
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Two major congregations of the Society of Jesus—General Congregation 32 in 1975 and General Congregation 34 in 1995—formally addressed the mission of the Jesuit order today. Complex changes in Church and society over the previous century made new formulations, initiatives, and reconfigurations necessary. Of paramount concern were justice-related issues. How should these be connected with the service of faith and traditional Jesuit apostolates? GC 32 was bold, but for many, it seemed all too bold. As GC 34 was looming, a Jesuit theology professor, Fr. Martin Tripole, composed a detailed critical analysis of the GC 32’s take on the Jesuit mission, particularly as expressed in Decree 4, its famous “Faith and Justice” decree. His prophetic 1994 publication, Faith Beyond Justice: Widening the Perspective, made suggestions that would prove to be uncannily similar to those of GC 34. Today Father Tripole’s thoughts retain all their relevance. This thirtieth-anniversary edition will bring Jesuits and their colleagues alike back to the essential features of the Institute of the Society of Jesus, helping both novices and veterans to forge a better union of minds and hearts ad majorem Dei gloriam.

Expanding the earlier edition with a foreword, a new preface, a new chapter, three substantial appendices, an updated bibliography, and an index, this volume will prove both a convenient and an invaluable guide for anyone interested in the recent history of the Society, in its contemporary apostolic reflection, or in the broader issues of faith and culture.

Martin R. Tripole, S.J., is an emeritus professor of theology at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Among his publications are Church in Crisis: The Enlightenment and Its Impact upon Today’s Church (Sapientia, 2012) and The Jesus Event and Our Response (Alba House, 1980).



(No reviews yet) Write a Review